Local artists and their treasures unearthed


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Posters in the local area invited creative people to bring their works to the gallery and we were overwhelmed by the response.

Dyeing and stitching our way to sustainability


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The shibori and boro items on display in The Intuitive Thread exhibition at the Japan Foundation Gallery in Central Park, Broadway, as part of Sydney’s Craft Week in October, reinforced my love of these ancient processes.

Boundless plains to share?


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Real Australian and Site of Passage are two exhibitions that show clearly why Australia’s diversity should be nurtured and celebrated.

Revoicing the stories of Aboriginal women who’ve died in custody


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A possum-skin cloak covers a bed in a prison cell: the sole comfort in a room stripped of tenderness and care.

A battle against extinction in the name of social improvement


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Superposition Studio, designed by Future Method, makes a strong point through an artefact.

Waterloo – revealing portraits


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These beautiful photographic prints by Fiona Wolf-Symeonides are well worth a look.

Slow pace and place


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Against the Sky is an exhibition of new paintings by Sydney artist Hayley Megan French.

Protecting pollinators will protect us too


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The Queen of the Night is an orchid cactus that flowers between dusk and dawn, once a year, for a single night.

Flower Power exhibition pulses with energy


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The power in Tamara Maximova’s flowers comes from her passion. “When I paint I don’t think. I feel,” she says. “Emotions. Emotions. Emotions.”

Artists’ compulsions make compelling viewing


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If you get to see Obsessed: Compelled to Make “live”, a short film of the exhibiting artists is on continuous loop beside their artworks. You put on headphones and hear their voices. You see them at work in their studios, or outdoors on their tribal lands, and when the film is finished you get to examine the fruit of their labours.