Book Review: Kids on our Block


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Kids on our Block is an adaptation of a song by Aunty Wendy’s Mob, adapted for the book by Wendy Notley herself, who is notable for her lifelong dedication to the teaching of children. Notley is one of the longest working non-Aboriginal teachers at the Murawina Child Care Centre in Redfern.

Book Review: Ransom


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David Malouf’s novels have won him many prestigious literary prizes and a devoted readership worldwide since his first novel Johnno was published in 1975. His most recent, Ransom, published in 2009, won prizes too, and was particularly well received in the American press. It is a poignant recreation from Homer’s Iliad of King Priam’s attempt to obtain decent burial for his son Hector after the vengeful Achilles has dragged his body daily for ten days (because after each day’s sacrilege the gods have made it new) around the funeral pyre of his lover, Patroclus, whom Hector has slain in battle. The delicacy, firmness, pathos and lyricism of its writing can be savoured over and over again. One of Malouf’s early novels, Fly Away Peter (1982) still lives with me, and Ransom, published 27 years later, reminded me of it.

Book Review: Take Back the Economy


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On Thursday October 7, 2013, over 100 people gathered at Gleebooks in Glebe for the Australian launch of a handbook for activists called Take Back the Economy: An…

Open book on life in love


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The launch of Dorothy McRae-McMahon’s book, A Life and Death Conversation with Ali, was an occasion for warm reflection. The event was held on July 6 at the South Sydney Uniting Church and was chaired by parish minister Rev. Andrew Collis. More than 100 people were in attendance, including publisher and editor Rev. Dr Ian Price, guest speaker Julie McCrossin, family and friends of the author and the author’s deceased partner Ali Blogg.

Book Review: A Life and Death Conversation with Ali


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This thoughtful book is both a memoir, which celebrates Dorothy’s years with her beloved partner Ali, and a record of their journey through the last 18 months of Ali’s life, after Ali had received a diagnosis of a fatal brain cancer.

A Decision to Discriminate: Book Review


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Throughout Australian history, the government has often been accused of paternalism, of imposing policy in respect of Aboriginal entities. A contemporary equivalent can be found in the scrutiny exercised towards Howard’s NT Intervention, now Labor’s Stronger Futures legislation.

Book Review:
Deranged Marriage – A Memoir


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Read this book to cry and laugh about the getting of wisdom of a young woman: born in India, arriving in England as a very young baby, going to school and growing up in London, going to university in Hertford.

Book Review:
The Casual Vacancy


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This is not the book for Harry Potter fans: for this is the world from which Harry Potter escaped when he passed through the brick wall at the railway station. It is J.K. Rowling’s version of the real world: the one that cannot be fixed by waving a magic wand.

Book Review:
Dark Night – Walking with McCahon


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Why would Sydneysiders want to read a book about Colin McCahon, who died in 1987? In 1984, Colin McCahon and his wife were in Sydney, to celebrate a small retrospective of his work at the Power Institute (University of Sydney). It was during this time that McCahon became lost, confused and went missing. His wife and friends found him, 28 hours later, in St Vincent’s Hospital. The police had picked him up in Centennial Park in the small hours of the morning. This was probably the first dramatic sign of the illness that eventually claimed the life of this great New Zealand artist.

Book Review – Love & Hunger: Thoughts on the Gift of Food


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  Love & Hunger by Charlotte Wood differs from regular cookbooks in that it touches more on the act of cooking as a way to support and care…