Connecting to country


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Writing the Country explores the human connection to country at this time of great change and threat.

Book – We’re All Wonders


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There is pressure (often unspoken) to be normal. Our current bullying epidemic is evidence of this.

Book – A Walk in the Bush


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A Walk in the Bush (by Gwyn Perkins) tells us the story of Little Iggy, who is taken on a journey of discovery in the great outdoors by Grandad.

What can we learn from the history of housing?


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Champions of Change: Shelter NSW, Community Activism and Transforming NSW’s Housing System

Book – Cicada


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Cicada tell story.

Story good. Story simple.

Story even human can understand.

Tok Tok Tok!

The unsung heroes of the Australian music industry


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Google “roadies” and you will probably find reference to the American television series.

Book – Mopoke


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Shortlisted for Picture Book of the Year 2018 by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, this book is fun and a high-quality and timeless addition to any bookshelf. 

Book – Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia


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What quickly becomes clear from these stories is the incredible diversity and remarkable resilience of Indigenous people.

If your child is anxious … read this


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Lynn Jenkins wrote her book, Lessons of a LAC, to help anxious children learn a new way to approach life.

Book – Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth


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Oliver Jeffers is my favourite children’s author and illustrator of all time.