Counting down to international success


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According to Indigenous actor Rarriwuy Hicks the spectacular new production Counting and Cracking “will look as lovely and amazing as it’s going to feel to be in it”.

Theatre – Dubboo: Life of a Songman


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Dubboo reflects upon the complex life of Nunukul/Munaldjali man, David Page, while celebrating his creativity as composer, musician, actor, singer and drag queen.

Local artists and their treasures unearthed


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Posters in the local area invited creative people to bring their works to the gallery and we were overwhelmed by the response.

‘The simple pleasures …’ Artist Profile: Marcello Araldi


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Marcello Araldi is working in his studio called Peace of Redfern. “I love it here,” he says.

Theatre Review – The Dance of Death


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While the play is darkly pessimistic, under Judy Davis’s direction Strindberg’s dismemberment of a marriage relationship is ferociously entertaining.

Perry Keyes – ‘Jim Salmon’s Lament’


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Perry Keyes’ latest album tells the story of a family typical of those he grew up with in the James Cook public housing flats in Waterloo.

Introducing something unique


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New gleaming white signage announces Chalmers Corner Licenced Café and Restaurant, and new owner-manager Pav (a passionate Rabbitohs supporter) is excited.

Book Review – We’re All Wonders


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There is pressure (often unspoken) to be normal. Our current bullying epidemic is evidence of this.

Film Review – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


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The attraction of the Coen brothers has always been their embracing of the surreal and their depiction of extreme characters on the edge of society.

Film Review – Venom


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Venom, a movie so bad that two weeks later I’m struggling to remember almost anything about it.