Jungle Book – The Musical


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This charming, clever and very entertaining adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s beloved fables from The Jungle Book is an absolute must for the school holidays. Fast-paced, it holds its young audience’s attention from start to finish, the songs are clever and catchy and a superb cast provides some very funny stage action as well as meaningful moments.

Hawaiian choir workshop with ukuleles


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 Choir director Gary Smith from Acappella Central will lead a two-hour workshop channeling the spirit of “Aloha” he experienced by playing music with the local community in Hawaii…

Local cafes for community


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Local cafes are, of course, places for eating and drinking. However, when we visit them regularly the best of them can facilitate our experiencing the wider community.

Film – Life


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The emailed flyer from the distributors of Life asked that reviewers “refrain from revealing spoilers or plot points”.

‘Let our people stay!’


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In late March an ensemble comprising experienced actors alongside tenants of the Waterloo housing community staged an original play entitled Turning Towers.

Video – U & Me


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Harmony Day dawned grey this year – and rightly so. In the past 12 months, a rising tide of nationalism swept the Western world, and we have found that Australia is not immune.

Will money have the last word in Woolloomooloo?


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Louis Nowra’s new book Woolloomooloo: A Biography, explores the history, people and streets of one of Sydney’s most notorious and eclectic suburbs.

Compact reflections on love – Live Music: Margaret Glaspy


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American singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy is a talented guitarist – melodic, dynamic, fierce, loose. Her distinctive vocal style is highly expressive.

Sensational sell-out season for NHSPA’s South Pacific


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A sell-out season of the Pultizer Prize-winning musical South Pacific was staged by Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in late March.

Theatre – Cold Light


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Is an unexamined life worth living? Clearly, Edith Campbell Berry (a vivacious Sonia Todd), the central character of Alana Valentine’s adaption of Frank Moorhouse’s novel, Cold Light, does not think so. Her summation of her own 70 years of existence is that she gave everything to participate but briefly in the making of the historical moment but she “bungled her inner life”.