The breadth and depth of creation


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What do people appreciate as the grander gifts of creation?

What is faith?


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People of faith have a sense of some spiritual being, or presence, which has power, creativity and wisdom beyond any human person.

Meditation – a force for change


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So, where does it come from and what does meditation have to offer you and me? The short answer: meditation can make you feel more free and more fully alive.

War on waste


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A central focus of our whole lifestyles should be sustainability.

Reflecting deeply on right and wrong


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People of faith are usually called to love their God – body, mind and soul. If we are genuinely committed to doing that we must allow our minds to challenge all that we believe.

In the Garden of Bhakti


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It’s a space for me to be myself, to be at ease, connected and creative.

The complexities of faith


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There are many passages in the Bible which we reject as not a valid part of our faith now.

Bahá’ís celebrate bicentenary


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October 21-22 weekend, the Bahá’í community celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of their Prophet and Founder, Bahá’u’lláh.

The wisdom of children


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We often think that children have very simple young minds. However, if they connect with people of faith, they often remind us that their thinking goes deeper and wider than we may imagine.

Feeding the five thousand


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We often miss initiatives which would inspire us to have deeper hope in the way that we live – hope that invites us to “feed those around us”.