Challenges for a prime minister who claims to be a person of faith


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One of the first things our new Prime Minister did after his appointment was to pray and to make it clear that he is a person of faith.

In the beginning was relationship


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There’s a longing in each of our hearts for connection and belonging. The “Uluru Statement from the Heart” is a profound cry to be heard.

‘Homophobia is not just or merciful’


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Women of different faiths share things they value about their faith.

Crossing cultures in an ‘ungodly’ age


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Religions have been formed and have shifted in times of change and challenge to meet the hopes and dreams of the people.

The breadth and depth of creation


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What do people appreciate as the grander gifts of creation?

What is faith?


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People of faith have a sense of some spiritual being, or presence, which has power, creativity and wisdom beyond any human person.

Meditation – a force for change


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So, where does it come from and what does meditation have to offer you and me? The short answer: meditation can make you feel more free and more fully alive.

War on waste


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A central focus of our whole lifestyles should be sustainability.

Reflecting deeply on right and wrong


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People of faith are usually called to love their God – body, mind and soul. If we are genuinely committed to doing that we must allow our minds to challenge all that we believe.

In the Garden of Bhakti


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It’s a space for me to be myself, to be at ease, connected and creative.