Christian group offers apology and affirmation


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A new ecumenical support group for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.

Signs of hope


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Life is a commodity that is often taken for granted. Rarely do we stop to ask ourselves what is the value expressed in our actions and choices.

Youth festival shines a light on justice issues


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Issues like refugees, drug law reform and social justice advocacy took centre stage at Yurora National Christian Youth Convention.

Adding to the Bible


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Each of the three faiths has made its own additions, sometimes “correcting” what the earlier writing claimed to be true.

The plebiscite, the referendum and the church


· Thursday, November 3, 2016 · 1 Comment 


What role are Christianity and other faiths playing in this? Can religious principles inform us on a way ahead that values diversity, or are religions falling into the…

A spirituality for resilience and survival


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I lived like that for about 50 years. When my beautiful little son was brain-damaged by his polio vaccine, I quickly put away my tears and became even…

A spirituality for resilience and survival


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Coming from a Scottish Methodist background, I was brought up with sturdy genes for fighting and a spirit which said to me, if I was tired or grieving or anxious, “Pull yourself together and press on.”

A Community of faith


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A variety of preachers at South Sydney Uniting Church during Rev, Andrew Collis’s leave.

Good religion, bad religion


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What many of us don’t realise is that what the media report are the new, the different, the unusual. The first three letters of NEWS are NEW. The…

Learning from our Indigenous people


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This became particularly vivid to me on a recent visit to the vast red centre of our country at Uluru. Just standing and looking at this unique and…