Bread of affliction and freedom


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We are taught that through the process of the seder meal, the rituals and prayers, we should all feel as if we had experienced the Exodus. The constant…

The significance of Easter


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The two most significant periods in the year for Christians are Christmas and Easter.

Music, liturgy and ritual for Rainbow people too


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An edited transcript of a speech given by Julie McCrossin, who emceed Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite, at City Recital Hall (co-presented with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) on February 21.

Let’s make 2019 an auspicious year


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Looking to the year ahead and what hopes and dreams it may offer for our country, what might Buddhist members of our community wish for?

Christmas is coming – and I’m not ready!


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I haven’t done any Christmas shopping, worked out where I’m spending Christmas Day, started writing my Christmas cards …

The soul of the stranger


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Jewish tradition implores us to notice, to care and then to act.

Challenges for a prime minister who claims to be a person of faith


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One of the first things our new Prime Minister did after his appointment was to pray and to make it clear that he is a person of faith.

In the beginning was relationship


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There’s a longing in each of our hearts for connection and belonging. The “Uluru Statement from the Heart” is a profound cry to be heard.

‘Homophobia is not just or merciful’


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Women of different faiths share things they value about their faith.

Crossing cultures in an ‘ungodly’ age


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Religions have been formed and have shifted in times of change and challenge to meet the hopes and dreams of the people.