Editorial – November 2012: Safety issues in Waterloo and Redfern


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Simmering social concerns are reaching boiling point in Waterloo and Redfern.

Editorial – October 2012: Mental Health Week


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Mental Health Week (October 7-13) aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and promote mental wellbeing, and World Mental Health Day will be celebrated internationally on October 10.

Editorial – September 2012


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This month’s Review section is dedicated in loving memory to Jane Barton who passed away at her home, with partner Melissa by her side and dear friends nearby, on August 15.

Editorial – August 2012


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Local teachers have criticised the O’Farrell government’s Local Schools, Local Decisions policy. Instead of providing regional services, funding goes directly to schools through a new funding formula, based on NAPLAN results and prevalence ratios. The formula means that while many schools are better off in the short term, up to 272 schools in the state, including several in the South Sydney area, have less funds for disability services.

Editorial – July 2012


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The integrity of news reporting can be compromised by financial and political interests of editors and journalists. That much would seem self-evident. Of course, media companies have long…

Editorial – June 2012


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Recognition and respect for cultural difference is a fundamental responsibility we owe each other. Recently we have been giving considerable thought to our indigenous heritage and how we…