Local newspapers have vital role


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My long-service leave in Boston coincided with the most divisive US presidential election in living memory.

Advent: A time to remember we need hope in our lives


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On December 1 we celebrated Kathleen Weaver’s life at South Sydney Uniting Church. A rich Advent experience for the large group gathered … because of Kathleen. Many people…

Guest Editorial: Industry-speak, bureaucracy and other catastrophes


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Ross Smith, South Sydney Herald’s Volunteer Coordinator and distributor passed away suddenly on October 4.

Guest Editorial – Waterloo fog may be about to lift 


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LAHC and Family and Community Services (FACS) with support from UrbanGrowth will commence the master planning process, including engagement and consultation, late in 2016. FACS will prepare a…

Guest Editorial – Grandmothers urge: ‘Stop the child abuse’


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Let recently elected members of the Federal Parliament hear your voice.

GUEST EDITORIAL Torture of children – not in my name


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Who was this done to? The nation’s children, almost all of them Aboriginal. These actions are criminal, show a chronic system failure, and must wake the country from…

Editorial: A common celebration of place


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With reference to Brexit and to the rise of Donald Trump in the US, and in view of our own tumultuous political scene, Waleed Aly writes of “the declining purchase of mainstream parties on our political imaginations” (SMH, July 2-3, 2016). The July federal election results will not be finalised for some days, but one trend seems clear – voters are disillusioned with the major parties whose adherence to modern global liberalism leaves an increasing number of people feeling the establishment (political class) has no genuine interest in their well-being.

Shift to renewable energy


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Candidates for the seat of Sydney express support for action on climate change, including major public investment in renewable energy technologies. The SSH applauds these commitments. We also support the 66 people arrested at Newcastle, participants in an international month of nonviolent direct action to protest and disrupt fossil fuel industries, the primary cause of global warming.

Save our trees


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On Sunday evening May 1, we sat looking up at a majestic Moreton Bay Fig tree on the corner of Alison Road and Anzac Parade, Moore Park. Its…



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Professor Lumbard is the editor of Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition (World Wisdom, 2004), a collection of essays examining the religious, political and historical factors that…