Waterloo Corroboree


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Waterloo Corroboree was an idea that came out of an Aboriginal community group get-together.

Recovery effort and community response show value of compassion


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Compassion during bushfire disaster recovery.

Who we want to be


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Cultural change demands the difficult and patient work of social critique and institutional reform.

Lessons of the past, hopes for the future


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It’s right to allow space for conversions of heart and mind – it’s also right that ignorant commentary from a person of considerable influence be revisited.



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Pre contact Australia was the world’s most ancient multicultural diversity, based on the hundreds of distinct sovereign nations, with different languages and cultural practices.

Christmas Bowl supports Rohingya refugees


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Over 600,000 Rohingya children, women and men have been forced to flee their homes.

Waterloo metro station site clearing and excavation


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Waterloo metro station site clearing and excavation.

Love is patient, love is kind


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Full equality is almost here.

Renewing vows


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We are not concerned about where equal marriage will lead us, because it is clear to us that it will lead to more love and more justice.

More housing options for key workers


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Amid increasingly unaffordable rents in Redfern, the SSH welcomes the Lord Mayor’s commitment to negotiate the sale of the Redfern depot site.