Commission spotlights predatory and deceptive practices


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been targeted or ignored by financial services.

Food, energy and water – integrated systems for sustainable design of urban neighbourhoods


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In daily life we all make choices about what we use and consume.

Apology to First Nations Peoples


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) held its Reconciliation Week event on May 30, with an official apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Book reveals abuse in the churches


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My own introduction to the publication, from 1995, lacks the strength of conviction I feel today. If I were writing it now, I would be much more aware…

Metro Quarter railroads public housing tenants


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Undertakings given to public housing tenants broken as Metro Quarter exhibition is fast-tracked.

Darlington School rebuild


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The present school built in 1975, lists the upgrade on Dept of Education website as a new school in the Design Stage, one step along from the Planning Stage.

Gig economy based on sham contracting


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Josh Klooger considered riding up to 450km a week a dream job.

Energy efficiency standards for rental homes


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NSW Office of Environment and Heritage drafted a good plan for minimum energy efficiency standards for all rental homes.

Unions call on Mirvac to build a commemorative wall for workers


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Need for proper recognition of thousands of skilled workers who made Eveleigh workshops a world class industrial centre.

Dreadful state of transport


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A wide coalition of community groups is rallying on February 17 to protest the dreadful state of transport in our state under the banner “Fix NSW Transport”.