Message of peace after terror in Christchurch


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The recent tragedy in Christchurch has left many grief-stricken and horrified. It has also generated respect for wise and loving responses offered in the context of unimaginable loss.

Locomotive Workshops heritage – new challenges


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EVELEIGH: On February 22, the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) made a determination on Mirvac’s development applications for the redevelopment of the Locomotive Workshops.

Election priorities for local government


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NSW state elections are often described as being a “law and order election” or a “poles and wires election”.

Live longer with care from the same doctor


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Continuity between patient and doctor is associated with lower mortality rates.

‘Something for everybody … created by everybody’


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The Waterloo community has the capacity to inform and assist government in developing a great masterplan for the future of the area.

Brutal realities of Cowper Street and Waterloo


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Most people living in public housing in inner-city Sydney in 2018 have every right to feel insecure as the government privatises land and public housing stock.

Mirvac DA response to community concerns fails the pub test


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Mirvac is required to respond to concerns raised.

Older women should never be homeless


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Mercy Foundation is working to address this injustice.

Commission spotlights predatory and deceptive practices


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been targeted or ignored by financial services.

Food, energy and water – integrated systems for sustainable design of urban neighbourhoods


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In daily life we all make choices about what we use and consume.