Systemic racism – Cartoon July 2019


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Disjointed development at Redfern station


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Transport for NSW has revealed plans for a new southern bridge over the rail corridor at the western (or Newtown) end of the above-ground platforms at Redfern station. It’s hard to believe that, as things stand, the bridge will not accommodate cyclists.

Opportunity amid the controversy


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With reference to Israel Folau’s social media posts and the ongoing controversy …

Cartoon – May 2019


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My friend’s story


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Just before Christmas 2018 my friend rang me saying he was handcuffed and in a cell. My friend had committed no crime.

Yes Gladys, show more compassion – and some steel


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One thing the new government could do to reduce suicide would be to “re-position” itself in relation to the poker machine industry.

Bread of affliction and freedom


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We are taught that through the process of the seder meal, the rituals and prayers, we should all feel as if we had experienced the Exodus. The constant…

Building social change to meet climate challenge


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The climate science is in.

Message of peace after terror in Christchurch


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The recent tragedy in Christchurch has left many grief-stricken and horrified. It has also generated respect for wise and loving responses offered in the context of unimaginable loss.

Volunteers make a world of difference


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National Volunteer Week is the annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers.