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Superintendent’s medal for excellence


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Still in his sweaty Redfern t-shirt after early morning training at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence’s Eora Gym alongside Shane Phillips and the youth involved in the Clean Slate Without Prejudice program, Superintendent Luke Freudenstein was relaxed.

Local Hero says aim for stars, focus on process


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REDFERN: Shane Phillips received the Australian Local Hero award on Australia Day. It was undoubtedly well deserved, and just talking with him invites a new hope in people.

Feats of skill and fitness
Athlete Profile: Bridget Rieger


· Monday, December 3, 2012 · 1 Comment 


Aerobic Gymnast and Redfern local Bridget Rieger speaks about her recent national title, her support network and fitting everything in.

Gentrification of Redfern – a resident’s perspective


· Monday, December 3, 2012 · 1 Comment 


For months now I’ve followed with interest the debate surrounding the “gentrification” of Redfern and whether the addition of new small entrepreneurial businesses, such as wine bars and cafes, will kill the spirit of the suburb. Having only moved here in the last couple of years (I wasn’t born in Sydney) and paid a lot of money for an almost unliveable terrace and “yuppified” it with a new paint job and some major “fixing” to create a family home, I am possibly the exact definition of what is perceived as the “wrong” type of person for Redfern and its surrounds.

Putting out the fires


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There are not many professions that can boast having the general respect of the whole community: doctors, nurses, vets, lifeguards … When kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, one of the most recurring answers would be: “A firefighter!” There is nothing quite like the appeal of the shiny red fire engine, the powerful water hose and the heroism of saving lives from house fires to ignite the imagination and admiration of children and adults alike.

Respect for the dead
Reader Profile: Amy Porter


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REDFERN: Amy Porter is a bright, blue-eyed and dark-haired young woman who loves camping and leading rover scouts on adventures. Her occupation, however, might surprise you. At 20, she is a Funeral Director at Joseph Medcalf Funeral Services in Redfern Street and has been working in the industry since she was 16.

Reader Profile: Adrian Spry
City2Surf for Cystic Fibrosis


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On Sunday August 12, Adrian Spry will run the Sun-Herald City2Surf for Cystic Fibrosis NSW. The Waterloo local is an artist and teacher, a keen road-runner and member of the Ravens running group. He has competed in recent Sydney Half Marathons as well as this year’s Sun Run from Dee Why to Manly. He’s looking forward to taking up the 14km challenge on behalf of a cause he believes in.

Reader Profile: Stephen Creak
Master of balanced lifestyle


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July 20-27 saw local engineer and electrician, Stephen Creak, compete in the 2012 World Masters Squash Tournament in Birmingham. The tournament was held at the Solihull Arden Squash Club, West Warwicks Squash Club, Priory Club Edgbaston and Edgbaston Campus Birmingham University. Entries exceeded 500. “There is a great camaraderie with squash players re-uniting from all over the world,” Steve said.

Reader Profile: Stephanie Hayter
‘Hear the Bluebags humming, Newtown …’


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Stephanie Hayter loves rugby league, and her beloved Jets are currently sixth on the NSW Cup ladder, with 11 wins and 9 losses.

An international journey


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Edyta is not foreign to multicultural environments. She was born in Kraków, an historical city in southern Poland dating back to the 7th century, which escaped destruction during…