SMDA releases affordable housing details


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The SMDA strategy has dropped early RWA references to home ownership and concentrates exclusively on rental housing within the framework of the existing NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines. Similar…

New maintenance backlog reduction system?


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An article in the Inner-West Courier, dated April 3, 2012, identifies a new approach to further reducing the public housing maintenance backlog in NSW. The approach identified in…

City’s ancient footsteps


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The booklet is part of Eora Journey, the first major cultural project of Council’s Sustainable Sydney 2030, and was developed in response to the interest expressed by residents…

Early risers grow healthy and wise


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LIFE Co-ordinator, Ben Bowen, says the program aims to teach Indigenous Australians about nutrition, health and anti-tobacco behaviour. “Breakfast is one of the most skipped meals, you see…

Positive relations between police and community


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“When I came to the role 15 years ago the drug and alcohol incidences, especially around The Block area, were very significant. It was out of control, really….

Talking traffic and transport blues


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The influx of traffic into Alexandria, and the limited parking availabilities in the area were heated topics, but the Council defended its stance towards parking development and parking…

Talking traffic and transport blues


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ALEXANDRIA: Public transport and parking issues took the spotlight at the Alexandria Traffic Forum this month, as residents voiced their concerns over the area’s transport problems. The forum was attended by members of the Council, Sydney Buses, the NSW Department of Transport, Transport consultants, and the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA).

Become a Sydney local in a day


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Two men sit casually sharing a conversation, enjoying a clear summer night. A lighting display burns the word “Redfern” on the balcony above. A stranger driving past pulls over and sees it as a perfect Kodak moment to document “Redfern inhabitants”. She takes the photo and continues on. If she’d returned the next night she might have found the same men in the same place – with one difference. If she had spent the time to learn about the people, who they were and what Redfern was about, she may have taken a slightly different photo.