Community Resilience Committee blossoms


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“We now have 15-20 people in the [Redfern-Surry Hills Community Resilience] Committee, and they have met four times. People are coming to me asking if they can come…

Neighbourhood centre enters into 40s


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary in style at the end of 2017.

Researching for a better future – Part One: Alistair Sisson


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My research is about stigmatised neighbourhoods – my focus at the moment is on neighbourhoods that contain public housing estates.

The pressure’s on


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I see a lot of people from Waterloo in my work, especially people who rely on public housing, and they are feeling pressured and stressed about the planned Waterloo Estate redevelopment.

Assistance and advocacy for Aboriginal tenants


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My name is Jinny-Jane Smith. I am a Wiradjuri/Walbunja (Yuin nation) woman.

Pressure builds for affordable and secure rental


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New developments have increased pressure on the Berejiklian government to act decisively on rental affordability and security.

Raising standards and encouraging best practice


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre introduces the Boarding Housing Good Practice Awards.

Jane Jacobs – urban visionary


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Citizen Jane a film with echoes of David and Goliath

S­tanding tall, shining bright


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Saturday September 9 saw the much-anticipated launch of social action art project #WeLiveHere2017.

Pathway from out-of-home care to independence


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Foyer51 will provide housing and on site support as young people moved out from out-of-home care.