Cough up for a good cause


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Australia has a generous immunisation schedule with many publicly-funded vaccines given to children, or adults of certain ages or with certain conditions.

Childhood obesity and nutrition – a social justice issue


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Childhood obesity is a problem that can compromise health, well-being and opportunity throughout life.

A pox on shingles


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The shingles vaccine is relatively recent and is now available at no cost for Australians aged 70 and up to age 79.

HEALTH – What’s the point?


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In 2004 the then Federal Treasurer Peter Costello urged Australians to populate: “Have one for mum, one for dad and one for the country.” Vaccination is a bit…

National Palliative Care Week – Aged Care


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82% of Australians think it is important to talk to their family about how they would want to be cared for at the end of their life. Only 28% have done so.

Stop WestConnex Euston Road widening


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With seven lanes of traffic to run 180cm from homes, residents have been advised not to open their windows.

Essential questions on aged care services


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Leaflets a guide about what to expect with Commonwealth aged care reforms.

Raising funds for MS cure


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Kiss Goodbye to MS

Older women’s housing


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The Older Women and Aspirations for Housing Forum, a NSW Seniors Festival event, discussed issues for older women finding secure housing.

HEALTH – Vascular disease


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The end game is to reduce the incendiary of vascular disease – a major cause of early death and reduced well-being in the communit