Older women’s housing


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The Older Women and Aspirations for Housing Forum, a NSW Seniors Festival event, discussed issues for older women finding secure housing.

HEALTH – Vascular disease


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The end game is to reduce the incendiary of vascular disease – a major cause of early death and reduced well-being in the communit

Let’s map our cities differently


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South Sydney’s Poppy Burnett and Alex Grilanc collaborated on this work, which was selected as a finalist in a text-and-image competition hosted by the Overland literary journal, 2016

Metabolic risk – the ‘fatty liver’


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Metabolic and lifestyle-related conditions include diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some cancers. In this column I will discuss Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

My journey with epilepsy


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My journey with epilepsy has been more complicated than many, but neuroscience is making progress in its understanding, diagnosis and treatment.

Pink pills for pale people?


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I am often asked about vitamins, supplements and tonics. Aside from specific cases, my general answer is don’t bother, for several reasons. Health supplements are a multi-billion dollar…

Mate, you have breast cancer


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That’s ridiculous, I don’t have breasts, so how can I get breast cancer? So I choose to put it out of my mind, find something to get busy with, rely on my Distract and Deny Strategy.

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS – That anxious feeling


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Ever felt anxious walking home alone late at night? Anxious that you won’t make it to a wedding in time in this damn traffic? Anxious about a job interview or an exam or a big project coming up to its due date?

Uniting begins campaign to re-think illegal drug policies


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“If we’re a society which believes in giving people a fair go,” says Marianne Jauncey, “if we believe in saving lives, we must do something differently.”

Winter ills


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It’s about this time of year that we see an increase in the number of coughs and colds, and with it the request for antibiotics. These precious drugs have been taken for granted and a crisis in antibiotic resistance is emerging.