Live longer with care from the same doctor


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Continuity between patient and doctor is associated with lower mortality rates.

Travelling with your medicines


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As many people go away around December and January, it seems timely to discuss medication considerations when travelling.

Better access to health services


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We are at work on the very exciting RPA HealthOne East project at Green Square and Waterloo.

Cuddles and koalas


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I’m really worried about the future of koalas.

Support for young and older people


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This month I had the pleasure of being involved in the launch of a new strategy aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of our young people.

A big step forward in Uniting’s long walk to drug reform


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Fair Treatment, a campaign for long overdue drug law and policy reform.

Local charity moves forward with mental health


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SECC is joining the Cadre Project, which offers training and education to community members to bring greater understanding about mental health issues. SECC has already rolled out one…

Not a laughing matter


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After a recent party, my husband was bewildered by the discovery of small metal gas cannisters near our back fence.

Excellent services, creative achievements, links to community


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The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse opened five years ago so we are celebrating our collaboration with them in November.

Soy – a healthy food, not a wonder drug


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So, is soy good or bad for you? There have been a number of scientific studies investigating this question in recent years.