Hepatitis C update


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Chronic Hepatitis C is contagious; it also results in reduced health. It can cause mild symptoms such as tiredness and discomfort all the way through to cirrhosis and…

10th Annual Dragons Abreast Festival


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Drug expert says Sydney must lift its harm reduction game


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The first MSIC in the southern hemisphere, Uniting’s at Kings Cross, has been running since 2001. Evidence of its life-saving record given to a Victorian parliament inquiry inspired…

The pressure’s on


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I see a lot of people from Waterloo in my work, especially people who rely on public housing, and they are feeling pressured and stressed about the planned Waterloo Estate redevelopment.

Cholera takes its toll on the people of Yemen


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After more than two years of high-intensity war, the people of Yemen are now facing another battle – a huge cholera outbreak that has affected more than 800,000 people.

Filling gaps in health system


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Building a Healthy Resilient Community in Waterloo.

Healthy start to better support services


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Over 100 health practitioners, health administrators, tenants and representatives of agencies met about the current and future health needs of the Waterloo area.

Housing stress


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Housing and planning concerns continue to dominate the news in Sydney.

HEALTH – Probing plumbing problems


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Like most cancers, prostate cancer risk increases with age; men aged 85 have a 1 in 5 chance of having it, but they will usually die of something else.

Cough up for a good cause


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Australia has a generous immunisation schedule with many publicly-funded vaccines given to children, or adults of certain ages or with certain conditions.