Bean fair, done that


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A cool sounding Italian name used to be the sign of a truly good coffee, but today’s discerning coffee drinkers tend to ask questions like “Is this organic” or “Is this Fairtrade?” Most of those cool Italian brands answer “no” to both questions, and they face competition from boutique coffee labels that say “yes”. According to Alex, the G Cafe owner at Lawson Square, Redfern, about 10-15 per cent of customers care if the coffee is organic, but fewer know or care about Fairtrade.

Nuclear South Wales?


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SURRY HILLS: A public meeting to oppose uranium mining in NSW was held on Thursday August 16 at the Tom Mann Theatre in Chalmers Street. The meeting was chaired by Rita Mallia, NSW President, CFMEU (Construction and General Division). Speakers included Luke Foley MLC (Shadow Minister for the Environment), Jamie Parker MP (Greens NSW spokesperson on uranium), Arthur Rorris (South Coast Labour Council Secretary) and Peter Watts (Arabana Cultural Advisor, Australian Nuclear Free Alliance co-chair).

A farm in your backyard


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ST PETERS: On a sunny Saturday in July the City of Sydney held an open information day for its newest community project, the City Farm. Hundreds of people turned out for the City Farm Community Day in Sydney Park on July 28 where visitors embraced the fruit and plant giveaways, and gardening demonstrations from Angus Stewart of ABC’s Gardening Australia.

Hope despite the climes


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Decades of incompatibility between religion and science were struck down at the Perceptions on Climate Change forum held in June at the Uniting Church’s Centre for Ministry in…

Greening Balmain – an interview with Jamie parker MP


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For Mr Parker, his success was an important step in marking out the future of the people in his electorate and working towards social justice and environmental sustainability….