Students call for climate action


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They said last November they’d be back, and they were.

State emergency for native species


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Every time a tree is cut down in the inner city, it is a trauma for everyone whose life it enriched. The losses of nature that city people have suffered over the past eight years have been terrible: century-old figs and bushland remnants swept away for motorways, trams and housing blocks.

Connecting to country


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Writing the Country explores the human connection to country at this time of great change and threat.

Calling on Labor to #StopAdani


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Inaction on global warming is heating not only the planet, but also the mood of the residents of Sydney.

‘Why should we go to school …?’


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The School Strike for Climate Action called for an end to the delays from government on effective climate change policies.

Faith communities mobilise in response to global warming report


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‘Living the Change: faithful choices for a flourishing world’ challenges believers to make concrete commitments to living more simply.

Season of Creation inspires, provokes


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Between September 1 and October 4 churches from many traditions and in many countries celebrated the Season of Creation.

We must lead our leaders on climate change


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Our new “It’s only coal, it won’t hurt you” Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The promised land of sustainable development


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For Central Park residents, “sustainability” has come at the cost of sunlight, amenity and freedom of movement.

Frog-spotting in the park


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Sydney Park this April played host to BioBlitz, a citizen science festival celebrating the city’s growing natural diversity.