Enjoy the campus grounds


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Find a sunny day to explore campus flora.

What Katie did


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Female graduates who served in medical capacities in WW1 honoured.

Indigenous program offers introduction to university life


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The University of Sydney was founded on the principle that it would offer “the opportunity for the child of every class to become great and useful in the destinies of his [sic] country” (William Charles Wentworth).

Preschools more affordable in 2017


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Other families will also benefit from a $115 million NSW Government funding boost to early childhood education that will see fees drop by nearly 30 per cent, to…

Long service celebrated


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Over the last year Counterpoint Community Services Team (aka the Factory Community Centre) has being recognising and celebrating key staff members for their long and valuable service to the Waterloo and Redfern communities.  

New Indigenous scholarship to foster student success


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Robyn Kemmis, late Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney and former Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), was a passionate advocate for women’s rights and equality of opportunity in education.

Play School – 50 years of stories to tell


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Ms Harrison is one of many professionals who have helped to shape the ongoing development of Play School to reflect new research on childhood learning and education. She…

Wingara-Mura design principles


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and engagement is a core component of our future and an essential part of our collective history. Five years ago, we launched…

New scholarships for Indigenous leaders


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In November last year, I announced the creation of two new scholarships specifically for Indigenous students, including generous financial support, mentoring and the opportunity to build genuine work experience as a stepping stone into architecture and project management.  

Local kids act to keep streets safe


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Lola, one of the kids involved in the action says: “It’s really good as it helps kids cross safely and stops the cars from going over the kerb.”…