Billie Kinder continues to change the world with kindness


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Almost three years ago, young Billie Kinder lost her life in a horse accident. Since then Billie’s family – Danny, Dave and Charlie – have worked tirelessly to share Billie’s kindness with others, promote wellbeing and raise money for charity.

$6.5 million investment for robotics start-up


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A field robotics start-up based on technology created by the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics has received a $6.5 million investment.

Summer on campus – something for everyone


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December at the University of Sydney makes for quite a different campus.

Raising awareness about sexual assault


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A new factsheet for students who have experienced sexual assault is available in 11 languages for international students.

University of Sydney academics on tour for one night only


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Move over trivia night, it’s time to learn something new in Sydney’s pubs and bars

Learning from Indigenous science


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The Indigenous Science Experience held during National Science Week as part of the Sydney Science Festival.

Can one life make a difference?


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Billie Kinder was a remarkable 12-year-old girl, tragically killed in a horse accident in 2016.

Explore all your interests at Sydney Uni Open Day


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See what your future might look like as a University of Sydney student.

Darlington School rebuild


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The present school built in 1975, lists the upgrade on Dept of Education website as a new school in the Design Stage, one step along from the Planning Stage.

Celebrating Aboriginal history at the University of Sydney


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Local residents may be interested in learning about the rich, traditional history of the University of Sydney that precedes the sandstone walls by thousands of years.