Focus shifts to Central and ‘Midtown’


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Last December Minister Constance decided to “push Central through”. He defined this site as 20 hectares of the station building and airspace, with “real investment opportunities”.

Light rail’s heavy impact on Devonshire Street


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Many small businesses in Devonshire Street have been hit by falling trade because of the ALTRAC Light Rail project and 18 months of construction hasn’t started yet.

Talking shop


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REDFERN: Sometimes it takes Hazem Sedda, owner of the Redfern Convenience Store, an hour to walk the short distance from his shop to the bank because he stops to talk with so many people. 

Summit summons the power of social good


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People, planet, peace, partnerships and prosperity. Australia’s very own Social Good Summit discussed these international themes and humanity’s potential to create positive change

Community tries to claim the Alex Hotel


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Community rallies to save its beloved Alexandria Hotel

Organic and Fair Trade gifts from the land where Christmas began


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In biblical times Palestine was known as the land of milk and honey. Today, organic and fair trade delicacies from Palestine, including olive oil, couscous, za’atar and sesame are available across the other side of the world, here in Sydney.

A new wave of gentrification


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The history of gentrification in the inner city is repeating itself, argues Ross Smith. The sole variation is its form – employment gentrification.

Claypool – community formation


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Claypool Ceramic Studios are helping artists to reconnect with their inner creativity.

Habitable and affordable homes


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The saying goes, “You can judge a city by the way it treats its poorest citizen,” Councillor Linda Scott reminded Labor politicians at the ALP’s 47th National Conference.

Supreme Court rules on Block dispute


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The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) last month obtained a Supreme Court order to remove protestors from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at The Block.