Ein-Almaleh – a Palestinian nature reserve


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The Jordan Valley was captured during the Six Day War in June 1967.

India in the frame


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An interview with Claire Mahjoub who was a photographer and photo editor at the South Sydney Herald from 2014 to May 2016.

Giving voice to the needs of the people


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Genevieve Zoe Murray heads the team drawing up an “alternative” master plan for the Waterloo Estate.

Growing older, doing more together


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The creative possibilities of ageing were clear to all who joined in the festivities for the recent NSW Seniors Festival, a two-week celebration held in early March, and now in its 59th year. The festival (formerly NSW Seniors Week) is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, with up to 500,000 people taking part in more than 1,000 free or discounted events.

Married with children


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“Coming out” can help decision-makers include us in every aspect of community life, rather than exclude us.

Let’s map our cities differently


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South Sydney’s Poppy Burnett and Alex Grilanc collaborated on this work, which was selected as a finalist in a text-and-image competition hosted by the Overland literary journal, 2016

Time for a better plan for the fair treatment of refugees


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It’s time we stopped letting politicians create havoc with people’s lives and got on with a long-term, common-sense plan for the fair treatment of refugees.

Future nostalgia – our brutalist heritage


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There is an observable time gap between the life of a building and the assessment of its architectural worth.

Tis the season to shop ethically


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Oxfam Australia is challenging the nation to make 2016 our most ethical Christmas yet by committing to purchase at least one ethically sourced item this festive season.

My journey with epilepsy


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My journey with epilepsy has been more complicated than many, but neuroscience is making progress in its understanding, diagnosis and treatment.