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Can one life make a difference?

Billie Kinder was a remarkable 12-year-old girl, tragically killed in a horse accident in 2016. Billie is remembered by those who knew her as a child with remarkable insight and generosity of spirit – evident in her artwork, her writing and many acts of kindness.


Jetta Catts shares her artwork and card at Arndell College. Photo: Supplied
Jetta Catts shares her artwork and card at Arndell College. Photo: Supplied

Billie’s family, Danny, Dave and big sister Charlie, have made a commitment to ensure that Billie’s life makes a difference and that her kindness lives on. They have published Hope, a book of Billie’s artwork and poems, which has now sold over 4,500 copies. They have also established the Fly High Billie charity and raised over $90,000 for a number of worthy causes including Bear Cottage, Assistance Dogs, and the R U OK campaign.

Most recently, Billie’s family collaborated with a number of schools to establish B Kinder Day, a day when children and teachers take time to focus on kindness to others.

The first ever B Kinder Day took place on June 22, 2018 at Arndell Anglican College (Billie’s old school), International Grammar School in Sydney, Kenthurst Early Learning Centre and St Catherine’s Catholic College in Queensland.

On B Kinder Day teachers and children talked about kindness, what it means to be kind and how to show kindness to others. The conversations were designed to empower the children and help them to see, like Billie, that we each have the capacity to make a difference in the world. The teachers and children decided on a relevant project for each class to undertake.

The children also each received a Fly High Billie greeting card and were invited to think, write or draw a message to someone they could show kindness to. This activity reflects Billie’s belief that “you don’t always have to be with people to let them know you are thinking of them”. The children wrote a letter or drew a picture for someone they care about and this included heartfelt letters to mums and dads, cousins, friends, grandparents, coaches and neighbours.

The children took their cards home to show their families and then posted the card, creating a ripple effect of kindness among the many recipients.



Billie’s family have invited everyone (not just schools) to take part in their own B Kinder Day and to post acts of kindness on the Fly High Billie website: 

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