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Boxa teams up with Alex Rovers

Two of the most identifiable sporting brands in the inner city have joined forces in 2013. Boxa, the home of world boxing champion Anthony “The Man” Mundine and the Alexandria Rovers Junior Rugby League Football Club have formed an exciting partnership.

Anthony Mundine and some of the kids from the Rovers club, showing Boxa has their back! (Photo: Supplied)
Anthony Mundine and some of the kids from the Rovers club, showing Boxa has their back! (Photo: Supplied)

Boxa has committed to sponsoring all the mini and mod teams in season 2013, some 11 teams in all, and the Boxa logo will be proudly affixed to Rovers jumpers.

Anthony “The Man” Mundine is one of the most naturally gifted athletes this country has ever produced, from being a teenage rugby league prodigy who went all the way to the top, and at his peak walked away from the game and turned to the toughest individual sport in the world, boxing. In a short period of time “The Man” took the Australian boxing scene upon his shoulders and brought it back to prime time, where he quickly won multiple world titles.

Rovers club secretary Perry Johnstone added: “It’s very exciting to have Boxa and Choc on board in 2013. Anthony is the perfect role model for all the kids at our club to dream and aspire to be like. He doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take drugs, and is living proof that hard work and discipline can let you achieve great things in life, both on and off the sporting arena.”

Johnstone continued: “Mundine speaks his mind, he backs up his words with actions. While others sell out to the corporate dollar or to the mainstream media, Choc is out there putting his opinion out for all to see, he doesn’t care if it’s unpopular, he speaks his mind, and again all our kids should be encouraged to back their thoughts and visions.”

For all the latest information on the very popular Boxa clothing and merchandise visit their website at, and for all the latest news and views on the mighty Alexandria Rovers check out the club’s official website:

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  1. Great story going on in the community behind the bright lights. Well done guys.

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