Ross Smith

Vale Ross Smith

Ross Smith SSH Distribution co-ordinator collapsed on Waterloo Green on October 4 as he was preparing to start distribution of the October issue of the paper.

Images of protestors (pictured) are interspersed with other footage and images in the video to engender compassion. Photo: Martin Brady Photography

Musos say ‘no more’ to offshore detention

One hundred and seventy musicians and an award-winning filmmaker donated their time and talents to say ‘no more’ to offshore detention.

Justin loves to chat about the world

Jacaranda to live on

Jem Computer Systems' team ran in the City2Surf in support of their managing director's son who has a rare form of uncontrolled epilepsy Photo: Epilepsy Action Australia

My journey with epilepsy

My journey with epilepsy has been more complicated than many, but neuroscience is making progress in its understanding, diagnosis and treatment.

A magnificent Leah Purcell plays the wife in the recent production of The Drover’s Wife at the Belvoir Theatre Photo: Brett Boardman

The drovers’ wives

The Drover’s Wife, written by Leah Purcell and directed by Laticia Caceres, was recently at the Belvoir Theatre, with a magnificent Leah Purcell taking the role of the drover’s wife.

Jade Oakley Photo: Carolyn Price

Eclectic mix draws crowds to Artisans in the Gardens

 “Artisans is a lovely mix [of emerging and established artists] and quite eclectic. That’s what’s fascinating about it. Finding these amazing people. It’s just terrific.” One find was…