Road to Recovery – healing the Israel-Palestine divide. Photo: Supplied

Compassion overcomes conflict

More than 1,000 volunteers believe a simple act of humanity can create a seismic shift in relationships between Palestinians and Israelis.

Alexander Lorenzon (left) at the launch of the Novella Project with Vivian Pham, Victoria Tyler Bassett-Wilton, Isabelle Fischer, Bilal Hafda (SSF Storyteller), Briana Terman, Richard Short (SSF Storyteller) Photo: Jacquie Manning

Student writes his novella in a year

Alexander Lorenzon worked with Sydney Story Factory storytellers, peers, and editors throughout 2017.

Hepatitis C update

A garden in Waterloo

Author Jessica Bruder with bookseller Rebecca Fitting, and Norton rep Joe Ginis. Photo: Alane Salierno Mason (@amasonny)

Nomadland – an American tragedy

Nomadland – Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century, by Jessica Bruder paints a disturbing picture.


Dreadful state of transport

Editorial – Treaty


Woolloomooloo workout

Alexandra Spence. Photo: Stephen Webb

Music – Did Lola hear a planet in distress?

What Lola Heard: Theatrical Sounds from Climate Change (Lola) played to a packed audience at the Sound Lounge at Sydney’s Seymour Centre on February 11 – just a few days after Penrith reached 47.3 degrees Celsius.


Theatre – Blind Tasting

Paul Gilchrist’s Blind Tasting is a much-performed play from the repertoire of subtlenuance, and deservedly so, as it is funny, sharp at times, sad at others and consistently entertaining. Add to this, the charm, vitality and grace brought to this one-woman performance by Sylvia Keays, and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Summer reading roundup

Film Review – The Post