Laura Kelly (centre) with colleagues Thomas Chailloux (right) and Jinny-Jane Smith. Photo: Andrew Collis

The waiting game is over

On August 2 the Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward, released three options for the Waterloo estate.

Students from Maclean High School in Redfern for the Indigenous Science Experience. Photo: Edward Murray

Learning from Indigenous science

The Indigenous Science Experience held during National Science Week as part of the Sydney Science Festival.

Soy – a healthy food, not a wonder drug


Person-centred health care and continuity of care

Studies found that patients across ages, cultural boundaries and all conditions appear to benefit from continuity of care with both generalist and specialist doctors.


Film–Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked is no Monty Python. There’s nothing surreal here – indeed it’s all very real. With few belly laughs but many chuckles, Juliet, Naked is impossible to dislike but hard to love.

The Arctic fox with an egg. Photo: Sergy Gorshkov, Russia finalist, Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Fresh angles on the world’s wild treasures

Sergey Gorshkov has to plan for months and take all his camera gear and other supplies in by helicopter but he still finds any excuse to visit Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean in the Russian Far East.

Le Dernier Appel

Book– Mopoke

Film – The Insult