The Alexandria Hotel rescued — and to be restored. Photo: Bec Lewis

The Alex has been saved!

This is an astounding victory for the residents of Alexandria who rallied, repeatedly, to save the Alex. The drive and persistence of people such as Ben and Michelle…

‘My team is heaven sent’ says Shelley Brunson (centre) with Aqued Kamada (left) and Wakako Hayase. Photo: Bec Lewis

New op shop for Ultimo – An interview with Shelley Brunson

What were your first impressions of the shop and neighbourhood? The old op shop was called Revelation Op Shop and was musty, lacking light, and very small. The…

Sore legs but happy souls in City2Surf

Photo: iStock

Stalking the streets

Released in Australia in July, Pokémon GO uses augmented reality developed by Google, a Google spin-off called Niantic and the owners of the original game Nintendo. Pokémon GO…

Caption: Mother and daughter duo Carolyne May Miller and Bea Spry draw inspiration from people, places, pets and more in creating their art. Photo: Andrew Collis

Drawing on the family dynamic

Carolyne May has been drawing using pen and ink and painting watercolours since she was a girl.

Orchestra members: Nicholas Ng, Yaw Derkyi, Shohrat Tursun, Bukhu Ganburged, Victor Vales, Ngoc Tuan Hoang, Gambirra Illume, Maria Mitar, Jonathan Nanlohy, Seyed Salar Hosseini, Richard Petkovic Photo: Ben Appleton -

Sounding the sacred

Richard has an extraordinary ear for finding talented musicians, such as Yaw Derkyi, a Ghanaian percussionist, and Shohrat Tursun, a recognised master in 1,000-year-old song cycles using voice…

Book Review – DARK EMU: Black seeds

Film Review – Free State of Jones

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