Disruption to Devonshire Street. Photo: Peter Murphy

Light rail’s heavy impact on Devonshire Street

Many small businesses in Devonshire Street have been hit by falling trade because of the ALTRAC Light Rail project and 18 months of construction hasn’t started yet.

Recording at the University's Conservatorium of Music. Photo: supplied

Indigenous program offers introduction to university life

The University of Sydney was founded on the principle that it would offer “the opportunity for the child of every class to become great and useful in the destinies of his [sic] country” (William Charles Wentworth).

The Solidarity Choir joins the vigil for Faysal Ahmed, Hyde Park, December 30, 2016. Photo: Andrew Collis

Time for a better plan for the fair treatment of refugees

It’s time we stopped letting politicians create havoc with people’s lives and got on with a long-term, common-sense plan for the fair treatment of refugees.


Upgrade to Platforms 6 & 7


Band on the roof. Photo: Clodagh Schofield

Raising the bar – up on the roof

The rooftop bar will be running only in conjunction with 107’s exhibitions and creative events throughout the summer.

The twin towers on Waterloo Green. Photo: Andrew Collis

Future nostalgia – our brutalist heritage

There is an observable time gap between the life of a building and the assessment of its architectural worth.

Film – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Theatre – Yellamundie