Kristina Knaggs and Troy Byrnes at Gratia in Surry Hills Photo: Andrew Boerma

Local café leading the way for inclusion of people with a disability

The Ability Links NSW Sydney City team has been working closely with local businesses in two important ways. First, Ability Links are helping staff gain a deeper awareness about disability, and second, they are providing advice and resources to help businesses become more accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities.

SSI’s Napolean Mansour (right) with participant Marcel Tawbah Photo: Supplied

Quality groceries at an affordable price

The winter months can be especially tough for anybody on a tight budget – finding money for the rent as well as the extra costs of warm clothes, energy and medication. Keeping healthy (physically and mentally) and eating well are important concerns.

Run, walk, roll for The Big Issue

Winter ills

Luca Photo: Abigail Highfield

How Luca got her dignity back

She is home, poncing around the neighbourhood like she’s the queen of paradise and the streets are lined with gold, grinning and swinging her hips, piddling outside Mick…

Orchestra members: Nicholas Ng, Yaw Derkyi, Shohrat Tursun, Bukhu Ganburged, Victor Vales, Ngoc Tuan Hoang, Gambirra Illume, Maria Mitar, Jonathan Nanlohy, Seyed Salar Hosseini, Richard Petkovic Photo: Ben Appleton -

Sounding the sacred

Richard has an extraordinary ear for finding talented musicians, such as Yaw Derkyi, a Ghanaian percussionist, and Shohrat Tursun, a recognised master in 1,000-year-old song cycles using voice…

Melissa Carey in her Alexandria studio   Photo: Simon Ward Images

Creative ties – Artist Profile: Melissa Carey

Artist Melissa Carey has long loved drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. As a 12 year old she had her first jewellery stall. An art school graduate in hometown Perth, she worked for a while in the corporate sector but soon realised the office environment was not a healthy space for her. Three years ago she moved to Sydney where she has established her own creative business. From her share-space studio in Alexandria, Melissa conducts workshops in candle-making, printing and macrame. She enjoys festival work and volunteer work within the arts scene, as well as commissions large and small. Next month she hopes to complete an art residency in Berlin.

Music Review – Wildflower

If I had a hammer …