Noelene Lever Photo: Andrew Chalk

‘The hard times taught me a lot …’ Community Profile: Aunty Noelene Lever

Noelene Lever sees everyone as family. She doesn’t treat anyone differently. She just loves them.

Siobhan Bryson at Weave Photo: Andrew Collis

Weave announces new CEO

Siobhan Bryson, who has worked at Weave as a caseworker and as Operations Manager was recently appointed the new CEO.

Older women should never be homeless


Food, energy and water – integrated systems for sustainable design of urban neighbourhoods

In daily life we all make choices about what we use and consume.


Art inspires music inspires art

The paintings in Sydney Artist Andjana Pachkova’s first solo show shimmer with other-worldliness, and I’d visit that world again in a heartbeat.

On the road to reconciliation

Katie Beckett’s on the road again. She was up at sunrise, writing, and she’ll drive back to Adelaide tomorrow.

Film – The Insult