Walking to join the 1,500 protestors that marched to save Sirius – a symbol of Sydney social history and a home to long-term residents.  Photo: Melody Taylor 

Marchers protest against Sirius Building demolition 

The Rocks: On the morning of September 17, harbour-side patrons were treated to the sight of more than a thousand people marching against the State Government’s proposed demolition of the Sirius Building. 

Alain is a great teacher/guide  Photo: Robyn Hutchinson 

Make a difference in the Congo

You may not be adventurous enough to travel to the second largest rainforest in the world, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but you can still make a difference to a community of more than 6,000 that includes marginalised Pygmy orphans who have been displaced from their traditional forest homes by conflict and deforestation. 

Regrow your veggie scraps 

Image: R. Heersminkl

Confined kids bound by short term solutions

Juvenile justice centres in NSW are coming under the spotlight where there is increased concern over the welfare of the state’s 239 juvenile detainees.

Inside Wendy and Brett Whiteley Library, Lavender Bay, 2016 (once the studio of Brett Whiteley)  Photo: Robyn Stacey 

Seek out this ‘Dark Wonder’ 

Acclaimed Darlinghurst photographer, Robyn Stacey, offers a rare glimpse into the working havens, homes or studios of artists, plus some industrial spaces, in her latest exhibition Dark Wonder at Stills Gallery, Paddington (October 6 to November 5). 

Gary Bonner’s photographs capture “decisive moments” and challenge stakeholders to ponder what they’d like preserved of Redfern and Waterloo.  Photo: Gary Bonner 

Decisive moments: Redwater in transition 

A South Sydney Community Aid (SSCA) initiative, Redfern… Waterloo by photographer Gary Bonner, was exhibited at 107 Projects, Redfern from August 23 to 26 and will be exhibited at the Orchard Gallery, Waterloo from October 8 to November 10.

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