Laura Kelly outside The Factory in Waterloo (Photo: Kat Hines)

Factory connections and support

WATERLOO: The Factory Community Centre in Raglan Street provides a welcome sanctuary when it comes to the ever-growing public demands amid the mental health sector. Laura Kelly, Community…

Susan Ryan at The Power of Oldness campaign launch (Photo: Supplied)

Addressing age discrimination

The Power of Oldness is a campaign that celebrates older Australians and a call for action by the community to address age discrimination.

Questionable business of double voting

Lourdes (Lulu) and Joe at La Perouse (Photo: Claire Mahjoub)

Too much love, too little time

What do we do to handling grief? Research shows that supportive family, friends, and counsellors can help a lot in our recovery.

Portrait of Brian Vazey by Margaret Vazey (Photo: Andrew Collis)

Close encounters at the Orchard Gallery

WATERLOO: A new show has opened at the Orchard Gallery. Face to Face, curated by Catherine Wood, presenting 28 portraits – pencil, pastel and charcoal drawings, paintings and a photograph – by participants of the Saturday art classes at South Sydney Uniting Church.

Caption: Guy James Whitworth in Surry Hills (Photo: Kat Hines)

Spokesperson for freedom

NEWTOWN: As part of the Sydney Rides Festival this month an exhibition of new works by Guy James Whitworth has opened at the Newtown Library.

Bob Dylan

Brother Daniel