Celebrating pets and giving thanks for all creatures. Photo: Lyn Turnbull

Rescue dogs and cats are in our hearts

There were about 60 creatures present at this year’s service: humans, dogs, photos of cats and even one axolotl. The nine chickens and four ducks in the Eden…

The Joshua building on Euston Road. Photo: Bec Lewis

Trouble with private certification

The building construction was privately certified. Under state legislation, private certifiers are responsible for ensuring that building works comply with the approved construction certificate. In this case, the…

To change or not to change?

A poster of the city of Vand and the distinctive eyes of a Van cat. Photo: Eleanor Boustead

Eastern Turkey – excavation vacation

Eleanor first visited Turkey with her son and late husband back in the 1970s, and has long been interested in its culture, from prehistory to the Assyrian, Hittite,…

"No Surrender" Image: Greg Mombassa

Artists’ pointed remarks

Alison Alder’s screen-print on rice paper, “Get Out Quick”, was a reworking of the eviction letter received on March 19, 2014, placing the viewer in the position of…

"Gender Study - Self-Fprtrait" Image: Guy James Whitworth

Posing a triple threat

This month sees the opening of Guy James Whitworth’s fifth solo Australian show, Artist/Activist/Arsehole at the M2 Gallery in Surry Hills. Coincidently, the show syncronises with the London…

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Theatre Review – Desdemona